Check out my first (and so far, ONLY) book review!

Getting someone in the media biz to give a damn about a self-published book certainly has been an uphill battle, but I have been faithfully submitting Dad@Home to various websites that review “independent” releases. Well, here’s the first one… and hopefully, it’s not the last.

dadhome_cover_for_kindle-2“Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated by Gregory J. Tysowski is a kind of “Mr. Mom” for the current generation, a time when stay-at-home fathers are becoming more and more common. Tysowski’s wife was working as a high-powered, and well-paid, lawyer, so it was decided when their first child was born that Tysowski would stay at home. The purpose of Dad@Home is not only to share his own experience, but to also show how stay-at-home fatherhood is completely normal. It’s difficult, to be sure, but so is parenting for anyone.

The book is full of amusing stories, and the common trials and stay-at-home dad must face, including some that are completely surprising and unexpected. Tysowski covers every possible insecurity and difficulty, many of which are entirely unique to dads. He is candid about the doubts and struggles he has with this new arrangement – but much of this has to do with how stay-at-home dads are perceived, rather than how he perceives himself. The great strength in the book is that his stories are at once personal and universal.

There may be a bit too much about the pregnancy and birth to start the book- after all, that is not the focus of this book and what makes it unique. What Tysowski could have done instead was begin the book with some stories about being a stay-at-home dad, and then rewound to the beginning. Overall, Tysowski is an engaging narrator of his experiences, and thoroughly reliable, as he has truly walked the walk.

At some point, stay-at-home dads will be completely normalized, and books like Dad@Home will be instrumental in making this the case. For anyone who’s a stay-at-home dad, or for a couple looking into the prospects of such an arrangement, Tysowski is an empathetic and informative voice. As he says, it’s not a “how to” book, but it is still plenty instructive.”

Lysa Grant, Self-Publishing Review, February 20th, 2017.

If you want to check out the original link, click HERE to see my review in all of it’s original glory. While you’re there, why don’t you dive into a few other book reviews? You never know what kind of hidden gems you may find off the beaten path of traditionally published authors!

Us “do-it-yourselfers” need all the help we can get!

And speaking of helping out, if you still haven’t bought my book yet, then here’s your chance! I’m 99% positive that anyone who has read this semi-glowing review probably can’t wait to click HERE to order one or more copies of Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated.

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