Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated is now available on and!

Is it merely a happy coincidence my book is available just in time for the holiday shopping season? No, it’s by design. Listen up. If you were ever to buy and read just one book for the rest of your life, this would definitely be the one. Am I over-hyping this book just a tad? Maybe. In spite of this, should you still buy multiple copies for everyone on your Christmas list? Absolutely. Dad@Home will not only save your Christmas, it will also save mine.

When I began writing this book back in December 2013, I really didn’t know what it would be or how I would feel about it when it was finally finished. At first, I simply wanted to write down my parenting experiences and share it with my family. It would be a private personal memoir of my first decade as a stay-at-home father… and maybe my kids would read it someday. Maybe they would learn a thing or two about why I chose to stay home to raise them, and how their dear old dad lived out his days in their formative years.

At least, that’s how it all started.

How I got to this point three years later has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, of free-flowing creativity and stubborn writers block, of believing in the dream of securing a book deal and then kickstarting a new dream of self-publishing. When I finished my first draft, I thought maybe, just maybe, I actually had something that I wanted to share outside my tiny inner circle of family and friends. That belief that maybe, just maybe, I had a “real” book on my hands led me to seek out a proofreading service, a literary agent, and finally a graphic designer.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Actually, it doesn’t. That’s dumb.

But I do know that it took a small village of publishing industry professionals to transform Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated from a very rough first draft to a polished final product. Special thanks go out to my agent, Anne Bougie-Johnson at Sparks Literary Consultants for providing me with such a thorough and enlightening manuscript evaluation. Your suggestions and notes made my book much stronger and your one-year effort of trying to secure a book deal will always be appreciated. I’d also like to acknowledge the services of Michèle Young at Eagle Eye Editing and Proofreading for revealing just how terrible my spelling and grammar actually are. Job well done. And last but not least, I’d like to give a shout out to Graphic Designer Melina Cusano for a truly wonderful cover design and book layout.

Self-publishing means self-marketing, so the more of you I can count on to spread the news that my book is ready for mass consumption, the better my chances for success! I am extremely pleased to announce that Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated is ready to order in both paperback and Kindle version.

Please click the link!       Please share the link!       Please help me get the word out!

Click here to purchase on!     Do it!     Do it now!

Click here  for

Click here for Dad@Home: Fully Domesticated is now available on!

(Please note Dad@Home is also currently available on Amazon’s European websites.)

Thank you! Please enjoy my book responsibly. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a wonderful 2017!



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